Current interior decor is paired with unique antiques, original contemporary art, custom designs and mid-century finds. Always current, always inspiring, and all about the mix in styles, MAI is locally owned and locally grown since opening in 2006. When you enter the Molokai Bar you will instantly be transported to a historical nautical vessel in the eye of a hurricane. Most importantly, we want to thank you, our devoted fans and guests, for your continued support even while our doors have been closed. You are a part of the Mai-Kai story, and we’re humbled by the outpouring of love and concern we’ve received.

While Aang and Kei Lo ventured deeper, Mai and Zuko stayed behind, starting an awkward conversation. The Fire Lord expressed his remorse about their relationship and said he missed her, but Mai angrily insisted both of them should move on. She then claimed she regretted ever allowing him to break her heart so many times, and intended to stay with Kei Lo, despite her lack of enthusiasm for him. Mai asked Ukano about why he was doing this, and he argued that Zuko was no effective ruler. He also claimed that Mai had been „pushed away“ by Zuko despite being his only true friend from the Fire Nation. Despite mostly disagreeing with him, Mai was not willing to arrest her own father, allowing him to flee.

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The two subsequently notified Suki of the New Ozai Society’s assassination plot regarding Zuko. When Kei Lo established that Mai had been downcast ever since she had broken up with Zuko, he led her to a meeting of the New Ozai Society. To her surprise, her father was the leader of the society, having propositioned Kei Lo to bring his daughter there.

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  • When he shoved Ruon-Jian across a room, breaking a vase, Mai reprimanded him for being „impatient, hot-headed, and angry“.
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  • Afterward, she returned to her aunt’s flower shop with Tom-Tom and stared at a picture of her and Zuko.

Mai was shocked to see Kei Lo among the prisoners, and successfully demanded that Zuko set him free, as he had been captured by accident. Soon after, as Aang and Zuko prepared to gather information on the Kemurikage, Mai and Kei Lo were left alone. He used this opportunity to urge her reveal Ukano’s involvement in the rebellion, but Mai stated that he was right that she had failed to protect her family. Accordingly, she could not allow him to go to prison, as this would leave Tom-Tom without his father. Mai greeted Aang upon his arrival and informed him of Tom-Tom’s abduction by the Kemurikage.

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This revelation convinced her to reveal that Ukano had led the New Ozai Society. After defending her initial reluctance to betray her father, she argued that she suspected his involvement in Azula’s plot based on his suspicious behavior on the previous day. As the Fire Lord consequently organized a curfew and the arrest of Ukano’s followers including most Safe Nation Society members, Mai stayed by his side. The two eventually went to the Capital City Prison where they learned that Ukano had escaped. As Zuko consoled her, the two held hands until the arrested Safe Nation Society members arrived at the prison.


Mai drives a plane up Mount Frappe in a snowstorm by orders of Pilaf to try to locate the Bansho Fan, assuming it must be valuable if Goku and Chi-Chi are going through so much trouble to get it. The plane freezes up and Mai crashes the plane on the side of the mountain and attempts to pull the plane back up to solid ground using the strength of newer Pilaf machines. When Goku arrives Mai tries to shoot a missile at him but he dodges it and almost hits Pilaf, though the mountain’s cold freezes it instead.

After packing up their new Pilaf Machine’s, they go into a pink Mercedes and Mai drives off. Despite her stoic nature, her strong relationship with Zuko tended to bring out her more passionate side. Azula took note of Mai’s „strangely good mood“ since Zuko’s return to the Fire Nation. When Azula started toying with them and mocked her boyfriend, Mai soothed him by assuring him that, even though she had trouble showing it, she did love him. She expressed deep concern when Zuko fretted over why he was not invited to a war meeting hosted by his father. Mai was devastated by Zuko’s sudden departure from the Fire Nation and consequently harbored some resentment toward him, as evidenced by her bitter confrontation with Zuko in his prison cell at the Boiling Rock.

These individuals have the necessary commercial property valuation experience and knowledge to produce a valuation that ensures confidence. MAI Designated members agree to adhere to the Appraisal Institute Code of Professional Ethics and Standards of Professional Practice, underscoring a commitment to sound and ethical professional practice. Mai accompanies Emperor Pilaf when he manages to find the One-Star Dragon Ball in a dungeon but then informs him that he needs to get all seven of the balls to make a wish. Mai and Shu are partnered together to begin searching for the other dragon balls for Pilaf. When a spy tracker spots a glow in Skull Valley, Shu and Mai go there only to see it was nothing but a bunch of wolves. Shu and Mai are able to get away, but Goku kicks down their airplane, causing them to crash.

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Azula noticed this and took What is MAI’s obvious crush, which Azula later revealed to have been mutual, as a cue to humiliate both Zuko and Mai. Zuko was subsequently tasked to knock it off her head, though the entire scheme ended up with both of them falling into a fountain on top of each other, much to the amusement of Azula and Ty Lee. On one occasion during a sleepover, the princess „suggested“ that she should steal the mochi which Michi had made for the seventieth birthday of Mai’s grandmother. Despite secretly taking the mochi, Mai consequently refused to eat any of it, feeling terrible for having disobeyed mother’s order to not touch the dessert. In the next night, Mai had nightmares about the Kemurikage taking her for stealing the mochi. This theme is mobile responsive, meaning your website will be perfectly optimized for every browser, device, and screen size.

Mai, Emperor Pilaf, and Shu, all still children, are stranded on island in the ocean with a boat with a broken engine, and they seem to be days hungry. Mai gets frustrated with Pilaf for thinking there is treasure on the island but looks for it anyway. When Emperor Pilaf shouts that he found the Dragon Balls, Mai and Shu were in shock but unfortunately, they didn’t see the Dragon Balls on the Dragon Radar because of Trunks closing the container the Dragon Balls were protected in.

This was due to the manner in which she was brought up by her politically-motivated parents. Her seeming apathy tended to irritate others, such as when Zuko described her as „just a big blah“, and when Ty Lee described Mai’s aura as „dingy and gray“. Mai’s self restraint and constant calm sharply contrasted Zuko’s passion and temper as well as Azula’s sadistic behavior and insatiable lust for violence. Afterward, the group followed a ghostly smoke that led them to the grave of the first Fire Lord.

They start to head for the cruise ship Bulma’s party is on and were told by Emperor Pilaf that the Dragon Balls were on there. Mai and Shu start crying due to the fact that the boat they used was sinking and they were too hungry to row. When the boat sunk, they encounter a shark, and they eventually get saved by Goten and Trunks who passed by and saw them. Mai and Shu wanted to eat when they were offered food by Trunks but Pilaf stated that they didn’t take hand-outs which he later regretted.


Not knowing that Goku, Bulma and Oolong were gone, they both enter seconds before the bomb was set to go off and explodes with them in it. When they both get back, Pilaf tortures them by shocking them for their failure. On the following day, Mai heard that the false Kemurikage had abducted Zuko’s half-sister Kiyi, prompting her to travel to the palace to express her condolence. However, Mai was shocked upon hearing from Aaang, Zuko, and the Kyoshi Warriors that the false spirits were led by Azula.

Kei Lo responded that he was fine, but was now left alone with her father. These individuals possess experience and knowledge to address issues unique to commercial real property reviews. We’re grateful and excited to share some big news about the future of the Mai-Kai. Our search came to an end when we met their team and recognized the passion they share for honoring and preserving the legacy of the Mai-Kai.

Mai and Zuko were later set up on a dinner date by Azula in a plan to persuade the reluctant prince to return home, playing off their childhood crushes on each other. However, the two caught on to the setup and decided to take a walk around Ba Sing Se. Soon after, they ran into Jin, who immediately recognized „Lee“ and questioned who his companion was. Thinking quickly, Zuko sheepishly claimed that Mai was a friend from the circus, the knife thrower.

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Her explanation was cut short when her father barged in, accusing her of being the reason Tom-Tom was kidnapped, as she had taken him from the safety of their home. When Ukano propsed a curfew and special task force to deal with the dark spirits, Mai disagreed and backed the Avatar’s suggestion to first investigate the events before acting rashly. Zuko decided to side with Aang and Mai, leaving Ukano shouting furiously as he was escorted from the palace. The Fire Lord thought that he recognized the ex-governors screams from the New Ozai Society’s previous ambush, and inquired if Mai knew about her father being involved of the attack.

After moving Zuko in front of a fountain and placing a fish from a seafood stand they had passed earlier on top of his head, she targeted and precisely pierced the fish with an icicle. Zuko was just barely able to avoid being impaled by the sharp piece of ice, falling backward into the fountain in the process. Leaning over the drenched prince, Mai wryly stated that now they were „even“. One particular day, when she was about ten years old, Mai sat off by herself under a tree in the Royal Palace gardens, looking disinterested as Ty Lee and Azula played together and did cartwheels. However, she did show a marked interest in Zuko, turning away shyly and blushing when he walked by with his mother.