For a great Aquarian guy, the best sexual position is certainly one that makes him experience in charge. The reverse cowgirl standing gives him the feeling of control and freedom while improving clitoral delight. Virgos prefer straightforwardness and clean lines, but they also crave for sexual pleasure and adventure. The missionary situation is a good in shape for this indication, which takes a woman to lie over a flat surface even though her gentleman rests his feet on hers.

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An Aquarian man loves to be lively and will be very happy to play with his partner. He will want to be close to you and will desire your company. A pillow combat will make him scream for additional, but it will likely show him that you are a specialized and various partner.

A guy Aquarius wants to speak about his lovemaking sessions, thus make sure that you talk about this! You don’t need to overdo this or end up being pushy, nevertheless subtle flirtatious remarks will certainly turn him on. Applying laughs and clever remarks is a wonderful way to show your Aquarius on.

The Aquarius gentleman is capricious and lively. He would not feel limited or afraid of a woman and will appreciate a chance to talk about anything. While he relishes the company of his partner, he’s also very imaginative and looks forward to dressing up for sexual intercourse. The Aquarius man likes erotic corset lingerie.